Roll neck bearings mainly included four-row tapered roller bearings, four-row cylindrical roller bearings, two-row tapered roller bearings.

Four-row tapered roller bearings, mainly used for work rolls or intermediate rolls, carry both of radial laod and axial load at a time. Adjustment of internal clearance is not required, facilitating handing. Open type is also available. 

Fou-row cylindrical roller bearings, used for back-up rolls, have a superior large radial load capacity, and are suitable for high-speed rotation. Rolling accuracy can be improved by applying the tight fitting of the inner ring onto the rolling journal, and then applying the integral system grinding of the inner ring raceway. Additionally, the integral system grinding can be applied free adjustment of the bearing clearance. 

Two-row tapered roller bearings, used for back-up rolls, have a large contact angle, and can load a large axial load.