Indefinite Chill rolls consist of fine interdendritic graphite evenly dispersed throughout the barrel of the roll. The size shape and distribution of the graphite, together with the carbide content. The addition of alloys such as Mg, Ni, Cr, and Mo changes the matrix structure from pearlitic, through bainite, to martensitic. The carbide form is altered from semi-continuous to rigid continuity, enhancing the strength, in-depth hardness and wear resistance properties.

The fine graphite enhances the resistance to the thermal stresses by increasing the thermal conductivity, thus reducing fire-cracks. Its increased shock resistance (damping capacity) helps to reduce spalling, particularly when large reductions in section are required. The gradual change in hardness makes it ideal for deeper 

grooving and can be used in both roughing and finishing 
stands for bar and sections, and for roughing and 
intermediate stands of wire and rod mills. AIC rolls with 
martensitic structure and high hardness are suitable for finishing stands of wire mills.

This grade can be produced by Static Casting (Monoblock) or using the Centrifugal Cast (CC) Double-pour method.

aic chemical