HKT decelerator is a national medium - sized first - grade enterprise. The Leading product soft, medium and hard toothed surface reducers, speed increasers, large non - standard gear transmissions, metallurgy,Mining, and energy industry complete sets of equipment, medium - speed coal mills, imported machinery and equipment converted to domestic manufacturing, etc.

The total assets of The enterprise are 120 million yuan, with 210 employees, including 12 bureau with senior titles, 35 bureau with intermediate titles,107 scientific and technical personnel, and an area of 64,000 square meters.

Laboratory inspection equipment: universal involute gear tester, spiral gear tester, the universal bevel gear tester, ultrasonic flaw detector, metallographic inspection, Laboratory equipment, etc.


We may supply all kinds of redecer design and produce. 

Speed reducer: soft gear surface, medium hard gear surface, hard gear surface reducer 168 series, more than 10,000 specifications and models.

Non-standard gear device: more than 2600 specifications and models.

Speed increasing machine: 5 series of hard tooth surface, more than 90 specifications and models.

Complete set of equipment: pickling galvanizing line, medium-speed coal mill and other Complete equipment. Complete sets of equipment such as rolling mills and straighteners.

Other products: steel structural parts, heat treatment, machining, military products, etc.

Reducer production capacity:

Reducer center distance: 80mm ~ 11000mm;

Transmission ratio: 1.25 ~ 13000;

Single machine weight: 1.8kg ~ 55t;

Power: 1 kw to 6868 kw;

Tooth surface hardness: soft Tooth surface 241 ~ 269HB,

Medium hard tooth surface 286 ~ 340HB, 40 ~ 55HRC

Hard tooth surface 56 ~ 62HRC

Gear precision: up to national standard 4

If you need our reference list, please let us know.