Our products include Brown Fused Alumina95%, Brown Fused Alumina98%,White Fused Alumina etc.

Ceramic fiber gasket

For peep door and thermometer patch hole of industrial furnaces. For industrial furnace nozzles and doors. For nonferrous metal channels, chute liners and casting mouths. For connecting pads of electromechanical equipment. All kinds of gasket we supply.

cearmic fiber gasket

Produced by the melting of very pure raw materials without binders and with good stability in a large range of temperature. The process of double surface needing increase interweaving and tensile strength. Its unique fiber layup and needling process provide Ceramic Fiber Blanket with outstanding consistency, handling strength and resiliency at elevated temperatures.

ceramic fiber blanket


Excellent thermal stability

Excellent chemistry quality

Resistance to burning

Low thermal conductivity

Low heat storage

Good obstructing voice and mechanism strength

Low shrinkage

Good springiness for fibersConvenient producing and installing


Joint sealing and filling insulation (kiln car, pipeline, kiln door and so on)

Fiber composite (for example: grinding parcel)

Internal and external lining for industrial furnace

Structure refractory and sponging sounds

Materials for hot filtration

Raw materials for further producing

Ceramic fiber board is made of high purity ceramic fiber by adding some binders. Ceramic fiber is a new type of insulating material which contains no asbestos, is eco-friendly and has no cancer-producing effect.