HKT Production

HKT's production mainly used in steel industry, oil industry, glass industry etc.

HKT has passed ISO9001 quality management certification and ISO14001 environmental management certification. HKT bearings are widely used in domestic steel mills, cement plant, mining etc.. In recent years, HKT bearings are being recognized by more and more clients abroad.

We supply all kinds of rollers for steel industry. Cast Iron Rolls: Our mainly supply rolls for hot mill long product, included nodular cast iron roll, ductile cast iron roll, spheroidal graphite cast iron roll, high speed steel roll, adamite roll, High Ni roll, High Cr roll, duplex indefinite chilled alloy roll etc. Forge Rolls: Such as Cr3, Cr5, 70Cr3Mo etc. all kinds material forge rolls. Tungsten Carbide Rolls: Tungsten carbide rings, Composite rolls.

Oxygen lances and oxygen lance nozzles for various kinds of converters, electric furnace and electrode grips for tuyere, slag notch, assembling & forging nozzles. Our products may substituted products imported from Japan, America, Germany, France, Italy. Our products have good performance in different countries. 

We supply entry guide, slit rolling guide, twist roller guide, reducing/sizing guide, exit guide for pinch roll, exit guide for finishing roll, we also supply the roller, guide plate, looper, waterbox etc. Our guide included MA series, 900 series, 1000 series, AS series, HT series, SM series, Slit rolling guide serier, Twist guide series etc. 

HKT manufacture and export forging for different field, such as forge shaft, rotor, ring forge, cylinder, pipe mould, wind spindle etc.

We supply kinds of comupling included universal joint shaft, drum comupling, composite drive shaft etc. 

We supply all kindly of high quality petroleum machinery, such as: Spider, Saftey Clamps, Elevators/Spider, Elevtors, Slips, Mutual Tongs, Linear Motion Shale Shaker(RLSK), Vacuum Degasser, Mud cleaner

Manual Tongs is used to fasten or remove the screws of drill tool and casing in well drilling operation.

Slips can accommodate drill pipe.

Our products include Brown Fused Alumina95%, Brown Fused Alumina98%,White Fused Alumina, Black Fused Alumina, Compact Fused Alumina, Semi-Friable Fused Alumina, Micro Crystalline Fused Alumina, Calcium Aluminate etc. We have passed ISO9001-2000 Quality Management.

HKT provides a reliable and high-quality source of copper plates of various sizes and shapes. 

Continuous development in Electric Arc Furnaces & Ladle Technology has led to the need of Graphite Electrodes of very stringent quality. Emergence of DRI, HBI, Sponge Iron as potential source of raw material as against steel scrap revolutionized Electric Steel Making Industry, Higher Capacities of Electric Arc Furnace with bigger size, UHP Electrodes are common requirements of Electric Steel Industry.

HKT decelerator is a national medium - sized first - grade enterprise. The Leading product soft, medium and hard toothed surface reducers, speed increasers, large non - standard gear transmissions, metallurgy,Mining, and energy industry complete sets of equipment, medium - speed coal mills, imported machinery and equipment converted to domestic manufacturing, etc.

The total assets of The enterprise are 120 million yuan, with 210 employees, including 12 bureau with senior titles, 35 bureau with intermediate titles,107 scientific and technical personnel, and an area of 64,000 square meters.