HKT's production mainly used in steel industry, oil industry, glass industry etc.

In the smelting process of graphite electrode consumption, the first problem to be solved is the joint fracture problem. The second consideration is the oxidation resistance and thermal shock resistance. How to reduce the consumption of the three electrodes is the technology of the carbon manufacturer and the smelting manufacturer. And optimize the important work of electric furnace operation.

HKT group bearing plant focus on metallurgy rolling mill bearing, HKT bearing's excellenct working life and stability win more and more customer's trust, now HKT Rolling mill bearings running on hundreds mills all over the world, included hot rolling mill for long product, strip mill,cold mill etc. We may supply all kindly of rollneck bearing. 

HKT graphite electrodes product with lower unit consumption, stronger nipples, steady performance. from Dia200 to Dia700mm with RP,HP,UHP grades. 

For bar mills, wire rolling mills and section mills.