Equipments etc.

  • Heat Resistant Steel Guide Beam
  • Material: ZGCr25Ni20; ZGCr25Ni35Nb; ZGCr28Ni48W5, 304, 316, HK40, HT, HU, HP, HH, 22H, , Super 22H, More1, More2, DCH27, or at customers request.
  • Process: Static casting Cone, Sand casting, Precision cast, Lost form cast
  • Specification: According to drawing and requirement.
  • Application: Bell-Type Furnace, Heating furnaces, steel mills and heat-treatment industries, etc. 6. Standard: ASME, DIN, GB or according to drawing and requirement.

Cast Valve Plate 3Cr24Ni7SiN

  • Material: ZGCr25Ni35Nb; ZGCr25Ni20; ZGCr28Ni48W5, ZG50Cr26Ni36Co15W5 or at customers request. (HPNb, 800H, 304, 316, HK, HT, HU, HH, 22H, Super 22H, Supertherm, More1, More2, DCH27)
  • Process: Centrifugal casting tube section and welding flange, elbow(precision casting)
  • Specification: OD89mm, OD127*12.7mm(thickness); OD130mm, OD168mm, OD197mm, OD216mm or according to drawing and requirement.
  • Other products: We also can supply crack tube, elbow, upper pigtail, bottom manifold, Inlet manifold, oulet manifold, heat exchange tube. etc.
  • Application: Annealing furnace, Hydrogen manufacturing converted furnace, Cracking furnace, heating furnace, etc. 

Reliability is the key feature of HKT Quench Cars. With the tough conditions and service life expected, reliability is provided through the experienced selection of materials and manufacturing know-how. 


The 5.5m Quenching Cars is used for carrying the 1000°C hot coke being pushed out from the oven. The quenching car will be hauled to the quenching tower for wet quenching by the locomotive, and then the cooled down coke will be sent to coke wharf.