Copper Mould

HKT provides a reliable and high-quality source of copper plates of various sizes and shapes.

HKT is a globally recognized copper mould tube manufacturer, offering the widest range of premium copper mould tubes with exceptional physical and mechanical properties. Over the years, HKT has served customers throughout the world in a wide variety of applications seeking wear, corrosion resistance and high conductive properties. To obtain unique and consistent physical and mechanical properties, HKT utilizes highly skilled engineering staff and sophiscated control procedures and some of the most advanced equipments in the industry.  


A state of art laboratory complements our plant with the latest equipments, including AUTO CAD system and electro-plating processing system. Our outstanding design capability in mould tube taper results in improved casting quality and durability of mould tubes. Our 8000 tons hydraulic presses minimize the times of extrusion and forming, which substantially increase the rigidity of mould tubes.

We have comprehensive electro-plating facilities and most current electro-plating technologies. We have two electro-plating workshops for plating mould tubes and plates respectively. Each of the workshops covers an area of 1800 square meters. There are 22 tanks for Cr plating of mould tubes, 7 tanks for the plating of mould plates. We are capable of plating round tubes in various sizes up to Dia.1200 and mould plates in various sizes up to 3800 mm in wide broad face. 

We pride ourself in the timely and efficient service to our customers. Our service can be offered on any basis, ranging from an on-call emergency help to a long term assessment and strategic campaign extension study. The range of experiences that HKT can call upon gives an unrivalled ability to satisfy any customer requirements, whatever the nature of the problem.