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In the smelting process of graphite electrode consumption, the first problem to be solved is the joint fracture problem. The second consideration is the oxidation resistance and thermal shock resistance. How to reduce the consumption of the three electrodes is the technology of the carbon manufacturer and the smelting manufacturer. And optimize the important work of electric furnace operation.


(1) Reduced consumption of new electric furnace technology

The completion of large-scale ultra-high pressure and LF electric furnaces has laid a solid foundation for the large-scale development of the steel industry. Large capacity and low energy consumption are the characteristics of the new smelting technology, and the unit consumption of the electrodes is decreasing.


2) Reduced consumption of hot charging smelting process
Hot-loaded hot metal effectively shortens the smelting cycle, reduces the consumption of electrical energy and chemical energy and various materials, and reduces the unit consumption and demand of graphite electrodes.
The new electric furnace has perfect supporting facilities, and adopts imported technology to select graphite electrodes, which avoids the problem of horse-drawn carts, which is a challenge for domestic electrodes. The operation of the electric resistance furnace and the automatic monitoring system in the furnace play an important role in the control and effective use of the electrodes and in reducing losses. The electrode breakage rate of large electric furnaces is less than 2%. The old electric furnace renovation was also equipped with the necessary facilities. Most of the choice of power supply equipment has reached the upper limit. Therefore, quasi-ultra-high voltage and quasi-high-voltage electric furnaces have emerged, which virtually improved the material quality requirements of the same grade of graphite electrodes.

(3) Strictly control the consumption reduction in the power transmission system
Effectively prevent the redness and reactive power of the electrode from oxidizing consumption and fracture in the furnace. Strict control of the transmission system is the premise for ensuring normal smelting. Different steel grades and smelting processes have corresponding arc voltage and current barriers to prevent excessive current fluctuations. Control peak current operating time.

(4) Standardize the consumption reduction in use
In principle, the connection technology of the electrode must require the connection of the furnace. The storage and storage of the electrode and the connection of the electrode must be strictly required or on-site. When connecting, avoid creating a thread block and keep the vertical state of the upper electrode. When it is evenly rotated to 8~10 mm, use inertia locking, then apply the pre-tightening torque with a long-arm wrench until it cannot rotate. The slit electrode cannot be placed. Into the furnace; if phase sequence problems and connections are good, it is best not to play fixed pins. Avoid breakage and loss of breakage.
In addition, in order to avoid and reduce the direct loss of the electrode, the top of the flame should be connected to the high electrode in time to prevent the thread from being damaged; the sliding electrode must have a soft connection to avoid hard collision; the cage and the electrode must be vertical to prevent scratching and charging body. Electrode with a furnace cover; the oxygen gun should be prevented from directly facing the lower electrode in the furnace.